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Welcome 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to 2022 at Bryley farms!

New Year, new adventure. Why not? This year I am excited to start my blog Bryley's Experiences. I would like to give you a bit more of my background and what my vision is for my blog before I jump in.

Currently yes, we raise Labrador Retrievers and Purebred Simmentals cows and there will be a lot about both areas of our lives but I am also a Resource Consultant. I know what is a Resource Consultant? Well I work with children that require support to meet their developmental milestones. I provide families with support and strategies to support development in communication skills, self-regulation, behaviors and more. I absolutely love my career and I am lucky to see many priceless moments when a child has accomplished a goal and is moving on in their development.

My vision for this blog is to share with you Bryley experiences and then bring it back to an educational lens in the sense of how these everyday experiences in our lives showcase learning opportunities.

So how do I bring this back to our life of breeding dogs and cows? Well like children I to learn from the experiences that I have had. However, the difference between living an experience and living an experience with an intentional learning lens is taking life experiences to the next level and I am excited to shed some light on different experiences and how to be intentional in hopes to support all families :)

I am beyond thrilled to start this new adventure and I hope you enjoy the posts! If you have any questions or would like to connect please reach out :)

Until next time,


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